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Known for their durability, dependability and versatility, the Dotco brand is viewed as the premier line of material removal tools in the industrial marketplace. This is made possible by sound design and manufacturing techniques, producing tools that are small, comfortable and lightweight, yet can withstand tough treatment.

With any repetitive task, workers can be subjected to discomfort and strain. Dotco tools are designed so their form follows their function. Simply, tools that are more comfortable for the operator to that work with operators and not against them...including elastomer housings, low vibration, and low noise.

By using only a few motor types, a diverse line of Dotco products have been developed to handle a wide range of applications. Dotco tools also have a high interchangeability of parts making maintenance easier and more affordable

Dotco Quality
Quality Dotco power tools have been manufactured for 50 years. Understandably, we are proud of our tools. Proud that they have become the industry standard.

ISO 9001 Certified
When we say our tools are built well, we really mean it. Our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 certified... that means the Dotco brand is manufactured to the highest standards.

Oilless Blades
Some operations require clean operating tools. That is why many Dotco tools can be run with oilless blades. Just another way we help you to make the best products possible.

Low Noise, Low Vibration
Noise and vibration of power tools in manufacturing is an important issue. Dotco & Cleco tools have been designed to operate as quietly as possible, while providing substantial power. Vibration has been kept to a minimum by using precision parts and high quality bearings.

Dotco - the premier brand of material removal tools known worldwide for their durability, dependability & versatility in the industrial marketplace. For ergonomic tools that consistently perform on the toughest jobs, we have one of the broadest & most comprehensive material removal offerings available in the industry today.

Dotco Tools